To know who God is,

& to know who we are in Him.

AXIS Youth is a growing ministry, where teens from the grades 7 to 12 gather to grow in relationship with each other and with their Creator. Our Youth currently meet together twice a week (see schedule below). Throughout the year, our Youth participate in retreats and conferences that aim to form a solid foundation of Truth in the Spirit of God. Our Youth ministry is critical, as young people form the identity of who they will be in relation to the world around them. We are raising up our next generation of Kingdom warriors, and the youth at AXIS will certainly help lead God's people in the future!     

Join us at AXIS Youth

Bible Study   at   9:30AM 
Youth Night   at   7:00PM-9:30PM

Meet your AXIS youth leaders

Ben and Christina Higa are a husband and wife team that bring the passion to AXIS Youth. This pair understands the heart of God for His young people, and they lean into the Holy Spirit for guidance as they lead this flourishing ministry. Both Ben and Christina have a call upon their lives to serve the Lord wherever He calls them, and they are obedient to His will in their ministry. Reach out to connect with them by clicking below!


Our Youth Ministry is currently in need of financial contribution! Click the button below to see how we are building resource to invest into these young people for the upcoming years!