Our expansion story.

This is a story of God's faithfulness.

On December 9th of 2019, AXIS Church opened its' doors at 1414 W Park Street. The purpose and mission? To provide a space where people can come to fully know Jesus, and to bring the full knowledge of Jesus into the community by loving on and serving our neighbors. The truth of God is that He wants His love to be brought to the entire world, and He accomplishes this through the obedience of His Church. By sharing our stories of redemption and praying over humanity, we are showing the world that we serve a living, breathing, all-powerful God! From the beginning of time, God has desired to be united with His creation, and He is faithful to His promises. By placing His people here in midtown Stockton, God has accomplished an unmeasurable amount of victory in the hearts and lives of those at AXIS!  Keep scrolling to hear just a small portion of what God has been doing. 

I've witnessed it.

Listen to some of the testimonies from the brothers and sisters of AXIS Church, and be encouraged!

Growing His Kingdom.

The prayer of God's people at AXIS has been heard, and He has answered us: we are to expand our territory, making room for His presence to work on the lives of all who will encounter Jesus! From the growing congregation of Filadelfia (our Spanish speaking brothers and sisters), to the largely attended youth gatherings. From the overflowing bible studies of people hungry to know God, to the every seat filled worship services! Young people are evangelizing, marriages are being restored, people are overcoming addiction, & AXIS is becoming, more and more, a home where the presence of Jesus lives. 

Hear where God has led axis...

...and listen for our direction forward into the next season!

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